AS57777 - Massar's Network -

AS57777 is used for Massar's Network.

A research & educational BGP speaking network for hosting production data (websites, mail, a variety of projects) and experimenting with and researching new Internet Technologies in general along with providing infrastructure for friendly projects.

Please reference the following table for details a quick overview of the details of this network.

Network Name Massar's Network
Organisation Name Massar Networks
RIPE LIR ch.massar
ASN AS57777 (PeeringDB,, IRRExplorer)
IPv4 Prefix
IPv6 Prefix 2a10:fc40::/29
OUI-36 Prefix 8c:1f:64:fa:a
RFC8805/RFC9092 Geofeed
Transits (AS8298)
Internet Exchanges
IX TLD Speed IPv4 IPv6 MAC RS LG Tools
DE-CIX Frankfurt 🇩🇪 100mbit 2001:7f8::e1b1:0:1/64 8c:1f:64:fa:ad:42 IPv4 IPv6 PeeringDB,
Free-IX 🇨🇭 1GE 2001:7f8:111:42::e1b1:1 8c:1f:64:fa:af:42 LG PeeringDB,
Swiss-IX 🇨🇭 1GE 2001:7f8:24::123 8c:1f:64:fa:a5:42 LG PeeringDB,
Private Peering Locations
BGP Communities AS57777 BGP Communities
Peering Policy Open
Peering Requests, TODO: WebInterface+API
Abuse Reports
Security Reports
DNS Authoritive + (anycasted) - Knot DNS
DNS Recursive + (anycasted) - AS57777 only - Knot Resolver
Looking Glass TODO: Local; SuperLG
Speedtest TODO
NetFlow/Traffic Analysis softflowd/nfacct collection-only (TODO: analyzer+UI)
BCP38 / Reverse Prefix Filtering (RPF) RPF-strict implemented on all downstream links, drop all martian sources
CAIDA SpooferSpoofer Results
Hardware Supermicro 1U servers colo'd, PCengine APU on leaves
Software Debian, Bird2 BGP, VPP Linux CP, + OpenBGPd
RPKI ROAs using RIPE Hosted RPKI, ROA validation with rpki-client & StayRTR
RPKI Views -- RPKI Transparency
BGP Prefix Filtering bgpq4 generated daily or on trigger when new filtered prefixes are detected
MANRS Participant
NLNOG BGP Filter Guideimplemented: skipped:
RIPE Atlas Anchor & Probes
RIPE RIS Peering with RRC20, Zurich, Switzerland
NLNOG Ring Looking GlassIPv4 + IPv6
Team Cymru UTRS Removing Unwanted Traffic as announced in BGP
DomainsICANN 'Registrant Rights and Responsibilities'
MailPostfix, Dovecot, Rspamd, DANE/TSLA enabled