AS57777 - Massar's Network -

AS57777 is used for Massar's Network.

A research & educational BGP speaking network for hosting production data (websites, mail, a variety of projects) and experimenting with and researching new Internet Technologies in general along with providing infrastructure for friendly projects.

Please reference the following table for details a quick overview of the details of this network.

The Network

Network Name Massar's Network
Organisation Name Massar Networks
RIPE LIR ch.massar
ASN AS57777 (PeeringDB,, IRRExplorer)
IPv4 Prefix
IPv6 Prefix 2a10:fc40::/29
OUI-36 Prefix 8c:1f:64:fa:ax:xx


Abuse Reports
Security Reports
Peering Requests, TODO: WebInterface+API


Internet Exchanges
IX TLD Speed IPv4 IPv6 MAC RS LG Tools
CHIX 🇨🇭 planned 2024Q1 tbd tbd 8c:1f:64:fa:ac:44 - PeeringDB, 🇨🇭 planned 2024Q1 tbd tbd 8c:1f:64:fa:ab:44 - PeeringDB,
DE-CIX Frankfurt 🇩🇪 100mbit 2001:7f8::e1b1:0:1/64 8c:1f:64:fa:ad:42 IPv4 IPv6 PeeringDB,
Free-IX 🇨🇭 1GE 2001:7f8:111:42::e1b1:1 8c:1f:64:fa:af:42 LG PeeringDB,
Swiss-IX 🇨🇭 1GE 2001:7f8:24::123 8c:1f:64:fa:a5:42 LG PeeringDB,
Transits (AS8298)
Private Peering Locations
Site Facility TLD City Country Notes Daedalean Datacenter 🇨🇭 Zurich Switzerland NTT Zurich 1 Data Center (ZRH1) 🇨🇭 Rümlang Switzerland planned 2024Q1 AXA Data Center 🇨🇭 Winterthur Switzerland


Peering Policy Open
BGP Communities AS57777 BGP Communities
MANRS Participant
BCP38 Reverse Prefix Filtering with RPF-strict implemented on all links, drop all martian sources
CAIDA SpooferCAIDA Spoofer Results

Prefix Validation

RPKI ROAs using RIPE Hosted RPKI, ROA validation with rpki-client & StayRTR
RPKI Views -- RPKI Transparency
RFC9234 Route Leake Prevention Enabled
Team Cymru UTRS Removing Unwanted Traffic as announced in BGP
BGP Prefix Filtering bgpq4 generated daily or on trigger when new filtered prefixes are detected
NLNOG BGP Filter Guideimplemented:

Services & Monitoring

DNS Authoritive + (anycasted) - Knot DNS
DNS Recursive + (anycasted) - AS57777 only - Knot Resolver
NTP - Chrony
MailPostfix, Dovecot, Rspamd, DANE/TSLA enabled
Speedtest TODO
NetFlow/Traffic Analysis softflowd/nfacct collection-only (TODO: analyzer+UI) SuperLG
Local Looking Glass TODO
RIPE Atlas Anchor & Probes
RIPE RIS Peering with RRC20, Zurich, Switzerland
NLNOG Ring Looking GlassIPv4 + IPv6
AS112 -- AS112 Project Node


Hardware Zurich: Supermicro X10 1U, Rumlang: Dell R640 1U. Lugano: 2x PCengine APU, 2x Supermicro X10 1U
Software Debian, Bird2 BGP, VPP Linux CP and OpenBGPd